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When it comes to experiences, the most important thing for us is that our customers feel safe. We have mapped out possible dangerous situations and risks, the prevention of which has been taken as far as possible in our experiences. Our local knowledge and long experience in the field ensure that unexpected risk factors in terms of weather or terrain are minimized. The safety of the premises, equipment, tools and equipment used in our experiences has been ensured and their inspection, maintenance and upkeep has been properly organized.

Regarding the sale of food products, we especially take care of hygiene and maintaining the cold chain when handling fish and meat. Because of this, unfortunately, we cannot deliver frozen products by post. Since we are a direct sales supplier and our operation is small-scale, the meat we sell does not need to be checked by a veterinarian and we can sell a limited amount of it during the year (10 deer - 5000 kg of reindeer meat).

In terms of disease prevention, we follow and comply with the safety instructions and regulations of the Finnish government and Lapland's hospital district. Please come as a healthy customer. In our experiences, you have hand sanitizer at your disposal and we follow safety intervals. We work in small groups and, if possible, only with our own group. We also take care of the disinfection of the equipment used and the hand hygiene of the staff.