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Dinner at the Reindeer Herder´s Cabin
€320.00 / 3 h
Price includes 2 persons.Extras:
  • Adults€160.00
  • Children€106.00


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Reindeer husbandry is a significant way of living in Muonio and reindeer cabins are still in use as part of the reindeer husbandry year. We get to visit an authentic reindeer cabin, hear about the year of the reindeer and reindeer husbandry past and present, and learn how to use local food and natural products to make our dinner.

The starting point of the trip can be arranged so that it is easy to get there by your own car or, if necessary, we will arrange transportation from the surrounding area. Sometimes we drive a short distance on a snowmobile with a sleigh ride.

Dinner is made with local ingredients and is enjoyed by the open fire.Program suites all ages and does not demand strong physical activity. Warm clothes are not included, but usually needed for the experience. Included into the tour, four-course dinner (no alcohol serving); please let us know any diets or allergies.