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€125.00 / 4 h
Price includes 1 person. Extras:
  • Aikuiset€125.00
  • Lapset€102.00


Hunter of the North info@hunterofthenorth.com 040 847 2070 Company id: 1245364-8 Merchant terms

There are a lot of lakes in Muonio, and in the spring winter the best way to catch fish is with fish-traps and nets. The starting point of the trip can be arranged so that it is easy to get there with your own car or park the bus. We go fishing on a snowmobile and a sled. First, we look through the fish-traps and learn about preparing burbot as food. Then we check the winter nets and hope to catch either whitefish, pike or both. In addition to fishing, lunch soup is enjoyed and we tell you about living in Lapland.Program suites all ages and does not demand physical activity.

We do not recommend the program for infants due to the fact it will be outdoors in winter conditions. Winter clothes are not included, but needed for the experience.Included into the tour, lunch is reindeer soup with bread and butter, served outdoors; coffee with small sweet pastry; please let us know any diets or allergies.